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Elfsolutely Fabulous 50th Comic Contest!


Wow, almost 50 of these comics! Can you even believe it?! Like, what kind of sick, twisted individual won’t stop drawing drunk elves?? Anyway…


  • I will draw your ElfFab request! Could be part of the series or not, it’s up to you. Trust me, nothing is so outlandish that I can’t include it and then have the storyline resume regularly in the next one. (ex. it was a drunk dream, duh!)
  • Insert one of your fave LOTR/Hobbit/Tolkien characters into the comic
  • Draw you a small ElfFab sketch and send it to your snail mail address! (yes, internationally even!) Of course this means that you would have to tell me where you live. You can mostly trust me. Unless your initials are R.A. and you’re a 6’2” guy from Leicester. Then you better run and hide and call the police.

How will I choose the winner?
From a random lucky duck who reblogs this! (you don’t have to be following me) Or maybe from some luckier duck who sends me a message explaining why they should win this? Or maybe I just like your icon, WHO KNOWS?

There may be more than one winner! Winner can choose any of the prizes! Or all three prizes! Haha, wacky right? I really have no idea what I’m doing, I’ve never done a contest before. Whatevz. It’s totally punk rock, it’s all good! 

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